Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Reunion - Sweet little faces

A few weeks ago I did a family reunion. It was really a good time... Her are a few of the sweet lil' faces that were there...

The King and his family!!!

I had the opportunity to do family portraits for some friends who have a new baby. He is the "King". He is so adorable!!!

Beach 2009

We went to the OuterBanks NC again this year - a "ladies" trip. My longest friend in the world and her wonderful mother and children - and my mother and children. We had a blast! Oh and Otis and Ella went too and boy were they the hit of the Beach!!! Otis will get ANYONE to throw the ball. It was awesome to see them take off running for the water!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yikes - time flies!!!!

So here it is the middle of the summer and I have yet to update my blog! Well it has been quite a few months to say the least!! We have had soccer, T-Ball, and Swim Team all one on top of the other! In late Spring I had some major, major problems with my computer. It was quite the struggle backing everything up and getting through the remaining jobs I had already begun. Recently I upgraded to the MacBook Pro - and it is fabulous! It has been an adjustment - though... and I am still learning how to navigate it as we speak! I have had a difficult time moving over the image files from my external hard drive... which has been the reason for lack of updates... I even took it to the Apple store for help - and they were puzzled as well...

But we are well on our way now... More to come of the next week or so!