Saturday, April 17, 2010

Outfishing Daddy!

Easter Sunday we were able to take the kids fishing for the first time
at a family pond...
They had a blast and as soon as they picked up the fishing poles ...
Magic happened!


Cannon enjoyed the handling the bait...

Ryann caught the first one!

Then she caught the second, third, fourth and fifth. And they kept getting bigger!
Then Cannon started catching them too!
Nice size!!!
And then finally... finally.... Daddy caught one!
(awww Daddy - your tiny little fishy is so darn cute!)


Donna said...

LOVE this POST!!!

Your pics are so amazing, Renee! I love u gal, and I'm glad to see you got your MOJO going on, sista!!

Nonnie said...

Love it - poor hubby!! Great photos of happy children - can't wait to be with all of you again at the beach.